Sugar be gone. 

Here I am the night before I’m about to go ‘cold turkey’ and withdraw from all refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbs and gluten; I’m staying on dairy because I reckon as a veggie it might leave me with little option and for this to work I need to be fully committed and have a decent variety of food to choose from. The reason I’ve chosen to give up sugar, I’m concentrating on this as it’s the most harmful on my list and has been my nemesis since I was weaned on to solids, is due partly to my desire for optimum health and mostly because I need to finally kick the habit. The sugar habit. The added benefits are hopefully weight loss, better mood regulation (sugar interferes with hormones) and most importantly steering away from the roller coaster ride toward the usual health problems that can rear their head around my time of life. Fortunately I have good teeth and been blessed with decent skin, had I not maybe it would have been a different story. Maybe I would have been more disciplined from a young age and not taken it for granted, ‘it’ being relatively good health for all my life whilst playing roulette with Crème eggs.
My love affair with sugar must have started very early on because it’s always been there, from running for the ice cream van in the 70’s to dipping in boxes of chocolates grateful relatives leave on the wards. So why now?

One of the main reasons for going ‘cold turkey’ with sugar etc., is the knowledge of the effect it has on the body, how it affects the organs and their overall function. Besides I think I’ve put my pancreas through a gruelling regime for far too many years and it’s never let me down, day in day out maintaining that healthy blood sugar level. I’m blaming sugar for the joint aches I experience from time to time although in reality this is due to being a female of a certain age and most recently exacerbated by my inadvertent BASE jump down the stairs mid REM.

So today is the day before I quit and naturally I have scoffed like a Queen…and a King…and his court. I have devoured calories rich in sugar as fast as Richard Branson is buying up the NHS. Like a woman ready to meet her fate because the following morning I will be facing day one of 10 days eating only pure, natural food. How hard can it be? I last said those words when going on maternity leave mid way through a management course. With only one baby to look after I had time on my hands to leisurely write the assignments to complete the said course. I never did submit on time.


4 thoughts on “Sugar be gone. ”

  1. Good luck Jac! I’ll be following your progress here (I suppose it’s a bit too late to hand in those assignments now though isn’t it? )


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